Make sure your site is secure with SSL

What is it?

The securitisation of data transfer across the web

Any data you enter into a website -> moves from that site -> across the web -> to a receiving site.
The data you enter is “open” meaning that if someone were to intercept the data they could read it. (shared wifi connection, airport lounge etc etc)

SSL encrypts that data when it leaves the page -> it travels encrypted -> then decrypts itself on arrival.
An SSL Certificate is proof that your site is protected from data capture during the transfer of confidential information.

SSL Security, up to now, has generally been focused on sites that transfer credit card data, for obvious reasons.

Question: Is the site I am on encrypted

When you look at a website URL you will see in the address either http or https:

SSl encripts - The securitisation of data transfer across the web.


The Technical stuff

Websites use HTTP/s as a protocol to display the pages we see on line

Developed for all authorisation and secured transactions.

HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol – is the system for transmitting and receiving information across the internet.

HTTPS: Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol developed for all authorisation and secured transactions. It’s the same as HTTP but offers an extra layer of security.

At Imarketingonly, we provide more informaition of SSL include the benefits of SSL, the steps of implemention of your SSL certificate and more.

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