SEARCH – Getting Found

Generating traffic (visits) for your website – Search (Finding Visitors)

“My website traffic is pitiful”

Website Traffic

A very common complaint, unless your target market knows your company name or website they will search online to find you.

Your website is your most valuable marketing channel, you have to market it – imagine printing a brochure and leaving it in the box!!

Our raison d’etre is to develop your website traffic we do this in 3 key ways:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are the primary method of finding out information about a company or products. If your listing is pg4+ you lose access to almost 90% of searchers.


  • Get Seen –
    90% of users use the web for research
  • Get Seen First –
    Only 10% of people go past pg 3
  • Get Seen Right 
    36% of people believe top rankers are category leaders

Pay Per click (PPC)

Pay Per Click

Also known as google adwords, PPC is similar to SEO, it gets you listed, BUT in the “sponsored” section of the search engine page.



Paid search is perfect when:

  • You are waiting for your SEO to kick in
  • You need instant marketing
  • The competition is brutal and you need results

Paid search is extremely sophisticated and impressive returns can be had, but usually only with expert help.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Phase 1 – Similar to traditional marketing we now market your website, we look to generate traffic (visits) and possibly a email database.

Phase 2 – We now focus on keeping you in contact with your market and keeping your website “top of mind”.

Objective – We try to ensure that when the consumer is ready to purchase then it is a natural next step to include you in discussions.

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