Website Development by Imarketingonly

A website is not “just” a website

The stages of Website Development. There are 6 steps in planning a Website planning and design:

Website Development

Site Strategy
Keyword Research
Functional Spec

A website is not “just” a website

Once all the plans and deliverables are agreed then we start delivering…….
See our Website Briefing Form for more info.

Successful Website

For a successful website you need 3 core skills in your development team:
• Marketing Background – your brief needs to be translated into a online marketing tool.
• Web usability experience – what is the point of a site if your visitors give up?
• SEO skills – a great site is not so great if the architecture prevents it from being found!
• Coding – Last but not least you need to build the site

Deviate from the above at your peril, many is the site we have had to rebuild when commencing SEO.

We approach websites in the following stages:

Website Strategy
The start is the brief, what are your objectives, from this we work further to develop an understanding of your business, the competitive landscape and how we are going to assist your online marketing , from this we develop your site in a number of stages:

Design & creative
Website visitors have less and less patience with bad navigation and poor website design. Our creative aims to ensure we reduce the instances of visitor loss through poor design, poor communication, lack of usability or a look and feel that is not in keeping with your services or products.
Web page coding
Our development team follow a structural model that is tried and tested over many top performing sites. They create the code and the functions ensuring that there are no search blocks and the site is fast to load.
At all stages in the development we are continually reviewing for website usability and how we are going to motivate customer conversions – what is the point of a site if it does not develop your business?

Website Application

Website applications
Most of our customers have a requirement for an online application, be it a listing database(Real estate for example), or an ecommerce website to sell your products online.
Website support
Now you are launched we set up your statistics programme and keep you informed of how the site is doing, and of course we do not just “walk away”, we support your website as necessary.

News & Updates

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