Website Content Management – How do you make it easy to read?

contentWe all know when you read information on the web you tend to skim read. The Nielsen Norman Group have carried out some recent research on how much users read on the web and the results are frightening.

If users have time to read, at the most they will read, 28% of the words during an average visit. It means whatever content you’re putting in has to work.

Content Formatting

Everyone knows content should be carefully formatted but so many people don’t do it! Content must be readable or legible and quick to read or scannable.


This is an area people still get wrong on the web. Make sure your font is large enough to be read and the background contrast makes the text easy to read. Black text on a white background is the most common because it is the most easy to read.


Make sure there is a clear hierarchy to your content. Headings, sub-headings, bullet points are a good start, but you can also use imagery and color to differentiate sections. Use your imagination to ensure visitors can quickly identify whether a section is relevant.

Content Architecture

And now for the content.


People read from top to bottom and from left to right so bear this in mind when you position your content on the page. Put your key messages at the top and any calls to action close by.

Readability and comprehension

Think of who you are targeting and then write appropriately. If you’re not sure what to do, write any copy almost as if you are writing for a child and you won’t go too far wrong. If your content is for a very specific target audience then you can insert jargon.

Page Layout

shutterstock_219333295When you’re structuring your page think about where you want visitors to look. Naturally, people will look at large imagery before small and irregular shapes before regular shapes.

So, if you want to bring attention to something then make it larger and at the top of the page. It also helps if you keep the design simple. Keeping your key message with plenty of white space around it will help make it stand out. Just like print advertising, less is more!

It’s worth remembering that even after you’ve done all this there is still no guarantees visitors will read everything……..

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